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Lisa and Langis Anctil Our West Haven farm is located on 25 acres of land nestled between the Green Mountains and the fertile Champlain Valley, prime farming country along the shores of Lake Champlain.

We started raising rabbits part-time in 2000 with five does and one buck and continued to grow every year. By 2004 we knew we had found our niche, our customers were happy, and the business had become so successful that we decided to go full time. Today we use some of the most advanced techniques available to raise our rabbits.

Our Rabbits

Our top quality New Zealand White rabbits are of optimum health and size and their ideal weight is insured by a closely monitored feeding program designed to maintain a healthy bone to meat ratio, insuring that both meat and pets are high-quality and well-proportioned.

Spacious Self-cleaning Cages
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The animals are housed in spacious self-cleaning cages in a converted dairy barn. All cages have a self-watering system with a direct line to each cage. The cages are constructed of durable wire with good spacing to insure a safe environment. A portion of the barn has been converted into a processing area which is subject to regular inspections by the state of Vermont.

We have been marketing our rabbits through cooperatives and distributors in NYC and Boston, as well as local retail markets.

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